Sunday, March 8, 2009

You Can Purchase [Insert Book Title] From

Okay. That's great. I can purchase a book from a website. Simply wow.

I was reading a book review of Malcolm Gladwell's latest "Outliers" and at the end of the article was "You can purchase Outliers from". Like I said, simply wow. When I think of a book, I don't think of receiving it in a box within 7-10 business days; I think of a bookstore. I think of holding the book in my hands. I think of how it would look on my bookshelf. All of those things are removed when I buy a book from For the record, I've never purchased a book from Amazon. Would it be too much to include local bookstores in your purchasing-plug? It is quite simple: You can purchase [insert book title] anywhere books are sold. Done.

Furthermore, if you are going to come into a bookstore, ask for a book, then compare our (the publisher's) price to what Amazon offers, then don't waste my time. If you are so concerned about price, buy it on Amazon. One doesn't need a formal lesson in economics to understand the difference between a giant online retailer and a local independent bookstore.

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