Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some Thoughts Regarding Religion

I understand why people seek out religion (or spirituality): comfort.  But there are logical arguments to be had with that.  For me, to be religious or spiritual is to subjugate one's self to an entity that is unequivocally unknowable, and in doing so, one is surrendering all of his or her own power as a human being.  This is flawed.

I was raised Catholic, and by that I mean that I went to a Catholic grade school, high school, and university (albeit, it was technically Jesuit).  Do I value, if only indirectly, the things I learned from those institutions?  Absolutely.  I learned what was fundamentally right and wrong.  I was taught to be a good person.  But there comes a time in every one's life where reason surpasses that of faith and/or being told what is and isn't in the world, and everyone must decide how to accept the world.  This I know: I am not a theist.  I do not support any form of religion (that is, formal).  That being said, the next question would be "does that make you an atheist then?"  

Not necessarily.  For me to argue that there is not a God is the equal, but opposite, argument that there is a God.  I would be considered guilty of the same [seeming] error that I accused my opponent of making.  I believe that there is no way to know the existence of God, and so, I "throw my hands up" in indefinite uncertainty; I neither accept nor deny that there is a God.

The whole point I am trying to make on this issue is that I absolutely refuse to subjugate myself to a Being that I do not know exists.  That is absurdity at its worst.  Would it provide me with comfort to know (believe) that I am appeasing a God with every good deed I perform?  Yes.  Would it make my life easier to know (believe) that there is an answer and explanation for everything, and all I have to do is believe that God made it so?  Somewhat.  But given all this, I prefer the existential nightmare over the subjugated will of happiness.

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