Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Re: Re: New Dictionary Entry

In response to a comment from Jessica, I have labored further on finding the most accurate definition of the Brock Effect, and I feel that the current revision shall satisfy all ends.
Brock Effect, The n. - The resulting effect thereby which a person is almost certainly guaranteed to enter into a monogamous relationship with another individual after casually dating and expressing interest in Jon Brock and being subsequently denied (or vice versa) because it would [just not have worked out]. Although this relationship would be defined as a rebound relationship--given the 9(b) definition of ‘[on the] rebound’, empirical evidence has shown that this is not true. Statistics have indicated an 83% probability of the effect’s occurrence in the real world.
Any further amendments to this definition will not be recognized and/or published due to its inherent futility.

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