Sunday, March 22, 2009

Only In A World So...

...shitty would this happen. Four* Oakland, California police officers have died, and for merely performing a routine traffic stop. The New York Times reports
Three police officers in Oakland, Calif., were gunned down on Saturday and a fourth was critically wounded in an afternoon of violence that began with a routine traffic stop and ended with a grim 9 p.m. news conference to announce the toll of one of the worst days in the police department’s history.

The police said a 27-year-old gunman shot two motorcycle officers after being pulled over at 1:15 p.m. Saturday, killing one and wounding the other. The gunman then fled to a nearby apartment.

A manhunt ensued through the streets of the East Oakland section of the city. When the police tracked down the gunman and burst into the apartment, he shot two more officers with an assault rifle, killing them both, before he was shot dead by the police.
*The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the wounded officer in question (John Hege) has died from his wounds.

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