Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cupcake Delicious

Before I saw Watchmen with a coworker, but after I had the pleasure of overhearing the politico-economic rantings of an absurdly uninformed stranger on the Metro 18 bus, I ventured through the double doors of Cupcake Royale (on Market Street) in Ballard. Although it was not my intention, I proceeded to fall into the role of the bumbling customer, but with a penchant for apologies and third party commentary. I think everyone needs a t-shirt claiming to "legalize frostitution"; I will take one in pink please.

[Note: after searching their website, I came to find out that the pink shirts are only for babies. Another dream of mine has gone down the tube].

Anyways, after making some self-deprecating remarks to ease the moment with the cashier, I finally ordered a "Dance Party w/Holly Hobbie" (see picture above) and an iced short nonfat latte. The cupcake was delicious, as the frosting was soft; and if that is a short latte, I cannot imagine the size of a tall latte (my usual drink of choice). My verdict for Cupcake Royale: go for the cupcakes, stay for the cupcakes. Mmm.

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