Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Walking Endorsement

I only came across this today, but apparently American Apparel printed these t-shirts back in November 2008. Their website has this to say:
American Apparel believes that sexuality should be celebrated, not condemned. But Proposition 8 is just that, a condemnation of the basic right of marriage of an entire group of people based on their sexuality. We're proud to stand against Prop 8 and what it represents. In November of 2008 our Legalize Gay shirt was originally printed to give to protesters at rallies and marches. The response was so overwhelming that we had more made and distributed them to our stores and put them up online.
I'm hoping to purchase one soon. They have six colors from which to choose: red, pink, purple, teal, army, and asphalt (as pictured). I like that one the best. I was hoping that some portion of their sales for this item would go towards non-profit groups that are working hard to give us gays our equal (and deserved) marriage rights. They (American Apparel) has also been pushing for immigration reform with their "Legalize LA" t-shirts.

*Photo from American Apparel website.

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