Sunday, March 8, 2009

For Immediate Mass Distribution

If you do not already know, there is a bill in the Washington State Senate (SB 5688) that would expand the legal rights for domestic partnerships. This is not gay marriage; it is a proposed bill granting equal legal rights of which heterosexual couples already have. Let me be clear, heterosexuals have legal rights that homosexuals (myself included) do not. I am sure you know other gay and lesbian people amongst your family and friends, and they are legally less-than-equal as well.

There is currently an attack ad campaign fighting against the senate bill, and if it continues, Senators up for re-election will feel pressure to vote it down, and we (gays and lesbians) will continue to be discriminated against. The attack campaign is misleading in that it argues that domestic partnership rights would threaten and "redefine marriage". The word 'marriage' is nowhere to be found in the 'domestic partnership' bill, and thus could not possibly redefine marriage.

Please help by calling your Senator (and Representative) and tell them you support the domestic partnership bill. If you have friends and family elsewhere in Washington, please urge them to do the same. There is absolutely no reason why homosexuals should not have the same rights that the vast majority of people have. None. Please help fight this campaign of fear and intolerance.

From the Stranger (SLOG):
What needs to happen? Supporters of domestic partnerships who live in swing districts--i.e., outside of Seattle--need to make personal contact with their senator and representatives. Tell them about how your same-sex relationship is lovely and you support domestic partnership rights, or say that you want your lesbian daughter to have the same rights as your straight son (or whatever is personal to you)...Call them. Send an email. Live in Seattle? Call your parents or friends who live in the suburbs and ask them to help.
For information on the legislative process or to leave a message for a member, contact the Legislative Hotline at the in-state toll-free phone number 1.800.562.6000. For complete information about the Legislative Hotline, please see the Legislative Service Center's Contacting Your Legislator page.

I'm not going to remain quiet about this.

Jon Brock

*Many thanks to Erin for the edits (and firm support), and Rene for the firm support.

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