Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Do Not Want To Be The One To Watch The Watchmen

Several people I know have given very critical reviews of "Watchmen" (the film), and after viewing the film myself, I would have to agree with them. Transforming Watchmen into a feature film proved to be an impossible endeavor, based on my side-by-side comparison. I have read the graphic novel, and I enjoyed it for the multitude of messages and ideas it presented. The film does not glorify these messages and ideas, as it should have, and therefore it can only succeed as a stand alone action flick. It fails on that level.

For those that have read Watchmen, they will understand what is going on throughout the movie regardless of how it unfolds. Had I not been already aware of the plot, I would have been confused from start to finish. There are huge back stories in the comic that are impossible to place on the screen. As for those that could be placed on the screen, the splicing of the scenes creates problems of continuity.

Furthermore, the soundtrack did not flow well with the events in the movie. I am afraid I cannot give much of a positive review to this film. On the plus side of things, though, the movie is sure to gross a fair amount of money.

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  1. Nice review, I felt almost the same way. Although, I asked a co-worker, who hadn't read the book, and she understood it just fine, so maybe we just wanted more back story than the film provided.

    The music was terrible though, seriously worst timing ever.