Sunday, April 5, 2009

Waiting For The Bus Explained

I've started this pseudo-photo series to show all the times where life appears to be still, calm, and solitary. That probably sounds rather dreary, but I can assure you that I intend for it to be more moving and thoughtful than that. In Part 1, I was waiting for the last bus of the night, and it was near 11:30 pm on a Sunday. There were always a few cars driving past, but I felt so free and open. It was as if I could do anything and no one would see or hear me. That's what these photos illustrate. There will, of course, be photos where I am surrounded by people (downtown). These, as well as all the photos as a whole, are indicative of moments in my life where time is wasted in order to be used. Departing. Arriving. These show the in-between moments.

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