Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On The Future California Supreme Court Ruling Regarding Proposition 8

As I posed the question to a friend of mine:
"Well, now that these victories have come, and in such a sweeping manner, you think the court will continue to draw their decision out until the very end, or come to a conclusion and announce soon, only (hopefully) further adding to the victories at hand?"
The victories of which I speak are, of course, the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling same-sex marriages legal in that state, the overriding of Vermont Governor Jim Douglas' veto on same-sex marriages in that state, and the approval of the D.C. council to recognize same-sex marriages. The court has just under 60 days remaining to make a ruling on whether or not Prop 8 should be upheld or overturned, and whether or not the several thousand same-sex marriages performed prior to the election should be nullified.

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