Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunshine, Water Taxi, Longboard, Alki

Today was one of the most beautiful days, so far, this year. I was tired from work, but I told myself that it was too damn gorgeous outside to just stay in for the rest of the night. So I convinced myself to grab my longboard and camera after I got home, and head down to the pier to catch the King County Water Taxi across Elliot Bay to Seacrest Park. I longboarded from the park all the way west on Alki, and then back to the park. I took some photos along the way. Click on the photos to view them in their full size.

The bittersweet moment came when I returned to Seacrest Park and discovered that I read the schedule wrong. The water taxi would not be coming back. So I had to longboard all the way back to the opposite end of Alki to catch the Metro 56 bus. On the plus side, I got to enjoy the sunset and add two additional miles to my longboard run; I longboarded a total of six miles. Damn I felt good after it all.

Also, I would appreciate it if people would understand that the walking lane is for walking, and the speed lane is for cyclists, longboarders, skateboarders, skaters, and runners.

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