Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Most Ridiculous Idea Of The Day (Corrected)

This one is courtesy of yours truly Kristin, Jess, and myself. What are the two things that people love the most? Camping and flavorful pork. Well, this aspiring genius has the perfect business startup that will incorporate both of those things. We would call them "Free-Range Pig Camp Grounds". The model is quite amazing. Let me lay it out for you.

You want to go camping? Great. Book a date and time for your camp ground area. When you go to the grocery store to buy all the necessary provisions, get as many delicious tasting items as you can. Be sure to bring a large hunting knife. That is very important. After you're all settled and ready for bed (let's assume you at something prior to your arrival at the camp ground), leave all of your delicious food items out (convenient, eh?). When you wake up, you will notice that a pig has ravaged your food supply, and you are now shit out of luck. Or are you?

Remember that large hunting knife you (hopefully) brought with you? You're going to want to grab that and hunt down that son a bitch pig that ate all of your food. If you forgot to bring the knife, you're going to have to spend about 45 minutes strangling your pig to death. This is not a pleasant experience; the pig will not go quietly. Okay, now that you've slaughtered and skewed your pig, you're going to want to jam an apple it its mouth and roast it over an open fire until its meat is cooked and filled with the delicious flavors of all that food you brought.

Repeat as necessary. Enjoy!

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