Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Fate Of Humanity As We Know It

These are excerpts from a (October 2004) article: "School's Out - Will The Rainbow Bus Take Our Kids To The Land Of Diversity?" by Ed Vitagliano, in the American Family Association Journal.
Transvestite teachers. Boys kissing boys in restrooms. Teens taught about anal sex. "Gay" fairy tales for children.

Could these things actually become a reality in our public schools? The speed of change in our society thus far, driven by resolute homosexual activists, indicates that the answer is most assuredly yes.

In case some people think such projections about the future are a hunk of homophobic hooey, they might want to consider the fact that, in some parts of the country, these things are already happening.

So what changes can be expected, and what would life in our public schools be like if homosexual activists win the culture war? The following are predictions based on current trends.

For more than 30 years, homosexual activists have been demanding that our Judeo-Christian culture capitulate and embrace their view of human sexuality, marriage and family. If Americans ever accept these demands, they can expect to live in a culture that will be turned upside down — literally unhinged from the sane moorings instituted by the God of heaven.

Harvey’s prediction is of a grotesque culture that includes: "Lesbian bride dolls. Fourth grade ‘gay’ clubs. A king and king at the high school prom. Dating tips for same-sex teens. Bathroom ogling — and sometimes quick encounters — in the middle school boys’ restroom."

Fortunately, while the groundwork for these changes has been laid, it is not yet a done deal. But Americans who believe there is something inherently abnormal, unnatural and immoral about homosexuality had better stand up right now.

If the public schools are lost to homosexual activists, our children and grandchildren will be thrown into a queer new world. And there’s nothing gay about that.

This is pure homophobic, sensationalized, and arrogant bullshit. I would like to think that I would have "come out" far sooner had I been more aware of my place in the world as a gay man. But let us remember that this was written four years ago. Have their predictions come true? I think not. In fact, these people are quickly becoming the minority opinion holders.


  1. What if their predictions had come true...god forbid a Prom King and Prom King, (I have to say, I'm sure that has happened already), dating tips for same sex teens...I'm not sure how these would be different from dating tips for 'opposite sex' teens...I think you need to find a less crazy homophobic group to rally against...these guys are just too easy to make look ridiculous. And by the way, I officially patent the term 'opposite sex'.

  2. You're absolutely right. I do pick "easy" targets for my criticisms. I think that is because I am not very smart, and therefore, I have to attack those that are easy to attack. If I was presenting an argument against a person or group of much greater stature, well then I would feel weak in my opinions and criticisms.