Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Further Proof That I Was Born Gay

From a personal letter (ca. 2003)*:
"I can remember all of the wonderful times that just you & I have had together. (Like me spilling the coffee on you at the Bittersweet). I remember you playing for hours making all of your little sounds building throwing tossing dismantling of things. You would play & all of a sudden you would stop run over to wherever I was & give me a hug pat my butt leg or shoulder, grit your teeth & then go back to your playing.

"There isn't much of anything I forgot about you & watching you grow from this little boy with hair that stood straight up dressed in your sisters clothes. I remember your temper tantrums. I remember teaching you how to pee standing up, how to dress buying your first jock strap. Coming outside & you had put on a bike helmet so you wouldn't get hit in the head when you tried to make a basket outside."
*Please note that I made no edits to the letter.

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