Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Morning, New Resident, Remembrance Of Things Past

Yesterday was my Saturday and I had plans with a coworker (Erin) to drive down to Rattlesnake Ridge (near North Bend) and make the two mile trek up to the top. The day did not turn out as such. I needed to pick up my sister's car from Edmonds, which requires that I take three buses to get there. My bus pass works for the first two, the last one costs me $1.50.

When I left my apartment that morning, I walked around the corner to the elevator where my neighbor in 513 was already waiting. She said good morning (previously, we've exchanged words maybe twice), and immediately urged me to talk to management about moving into her soon-to-be-vacant apartment. It has two windows and a different layout. She also mentioned that the location of that unit's mailbox was good. It was a fun conversation to have either way, and I headed out.

I needed money for the bus later, so I walked over to the QFC on Harvard and Broadway to pickup a SmartWater and a New York Times. After that I walked down to sixth and Pike for the Sound Transit 522 bus. That took me north to work, where I would be catching my second bus Metro 331 to the Aurora Transit Center. I hand a craving for a Top Pot Chocolate Glazed doughnut, so I purchased two at the Starbucks near my work. I stopped in to say hello to a fellow coworker and to check when the next bus was going to arrive. I caught the Metro 331 and then immediately ran over to catch the Community Transit 131 to downtown Edmonds. I got off at my stop and walked up the hill to my sister's condo. I needed to blow my nose, so I went upstairs to get some kleenex.

When I walked into the condo, I noticed that there was much more stuff than there was the last time I was there. It appeared as if someone had moved right in. I yelled out "hello?" to find out if someone was there, and also in an attempt to not scare her if she was. The condo was empty. I went to the bathroom, blew my nose, and grabbed some kleenex. I headed downstairs to the garage, got the car, and headed towards the freeway. However, I did feel a little hungry still, so I stopped at McDonald's to get two Sausage McMuffins with Egg. I immediately regretted the decision. Traffic was terrible because it was pseudo-snowing, and no one knows how to drive in that weather condition (apparently).

I picked Erin up at her place in Ballard (near Crown Hill), and told her that we would be driving around and looking at fun stuff (notably places that were in some way tied to my growing up). We drove down 15th, across the Ballard bridge, past Magnolia, the now-dead Seattle P.I. office building, and took the viaduct over to West Seattle. We drove the entire length of Alki, all the while I was not paying attention to my driving. It was a good thing that nothing jumped out in front of us. I showed her where I used to live on Alki. We talked about life and the need to be more pursuant in our endeavors. We drove past Lincoln Park, where I used to have cross-country practices. We then got lost in west Seattle. My iPhone came in handy at that point. I showed her my high school, and then we headed down to Kent to show her my old house.

This is where the story gets interesting. To keep a long story short, let me just say that this was the house I grew up in, and for a very stupid reason, the house was lost to foreclosure. That being said, I fully appreciated the sick sense of irony I discovered taped to the front door. As we drove up and around the cul-de-sac I noticed a big white piece of paper was taped on the front door. I really wanted to know what it said, so I asked Erin to run up and check it out. While she did that I snapped the photo (above) of the house. When she returned to the car and told me what it said, I immediately ran over to verify that she wasn't lying. Here is what it said:
  • Any person remaining on these premises after the above date will be physically removed.
  • Any person who interferes with or obstructs Sheriff's officers in the performance of their duties will be arrested.
  • All possessions and property will be placed on the street or public right of way regardless of weather conditions!
  • Animals found on these premises will be taken to the local animal control shelter.
  • You must vacate these premises at once!
  • No further warning of notice will be given.
I was semi-tempted to try and go into the house if the front door was open, but Erin protested, suggesting that perhaps there are people in there armed to the teeth just waiting for the Sheriff's office to come and try to remove them from the house. Interesting thought nonetheless. From there we drove to downtown Kent, which is not such a bad place anymore (not in terms of crime or the like), and went to one of my favorite places to eat when I was growing up: The Bittersweet Restaurant. I think we were a bit out of place for the time of day, considering we were the only people under the age of 65 there (excluding the staff, of course). I was doubly singled out as the only male-under-65. We both ordered soup and sandwiches. Erin very much enjoyed the cream of broccoli soup, although you wouldn't believe it with the shirt that she was wearing (below).

After that we made our way back to I-5, and nearly getting killed after some jackass drove right through a solid red light and would have side-swiped the passenger's side had I not noticed that the guy was not going to stop. I'm not talking about the light turned red and he sped through it, I'm talking about how the light was red for a while at that point, and he just didn't want to stop. We took the express lanes through Seattle, got off at Northgate, and I dropped Erin off at Value Village (her home away from home) before venturing back up to Edmonds to catch my three buses home. I was tired after it all, and fell asleep around 7:30pm, and woke up around 8:00am this morning. It was some good sleep. This has been a very long post. Thanks for reading. *As a special side note, we ate at the exact same table where my mom spilled a hot cup of coffee in my little boy lap. Ouch, and oh...the memories!*

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