Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Thoughts From The Road

The other day I left work and walked to the bus-stop. This requires me to walk through a parking lot, of which contained a Hummer. The driver was, of course, a typical rich-bitch mom. Well, that was the impression that I got from her anyways. And I also think that anyone who finds it necessary to drive around in a Hummer (in suburbia) is a complete idiot.

Well, as I was walking through the parking lot today I saw yet another symbol of the typical American idiocy: a black Chevrolet Suburban with much-larger-than-standard tires. I'm presuming that it was the dad sticking out of the rear passenger door attempting to fix--or whatever--the built-in LCD screen for his strapped in infant. I watched, with spite, as this guy pulled out of the parking lot in his nothing-short-of-ridiculous Army tank of a vehicle.

I'm sure you're wondering what the point of all of this ranting is, and that's good. I'm concerned about the state of American greed. How much is too much? What's the point of it all? Questions like these are ones that encourage me to engage in lively debates with other people. Well, shall we debate this issue?

If you've read this far, I'd like to hear your thoughts, big or small, on how American greed is out of control. I will post more of my thoughts later, when I am at an actual computer and not spitting this all out from my phone.

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