Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Future Of Same-Sex Marriages In California Will Be Announced...

...in one hour. This is what we've been waiting for since March 5th--which was 81 days ago. The court will make three rulings:
"The court issued an order to show cause in Strauss, Tyler, and City and County of San Francisco directing the parties to brief and argue the following issues:
  1. Is Proposition 8 invalid because it constitutues a revision of, rather than an amendment to, the California Constitution? (See Cal. Const., art. XVIII, §§ 1 -4.)
  2. Does Proposition 8 violate the separation of powers doctrine under the California Constitution?
  3. If Proposition 8 is not unconstitutional, what is its effect, if any, on the marriages of same-sex couples performed before the adoption of Proposition 8?
Though make no mistake, we will win this one way or another. If we lose our rights today, we will not give up. All it takes is time. The older generation of closed-minded bigots is dying off, and our generation is becoming more and more a part of the bigger picture. Same-sex marriage will come to California, and America. If not today, then soon, and with greater support than ever thought possible. "Hope will never be silent" - Harvey Milk.

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