Monday, May 25, 2009

My Three Hour Walk Around Seattle

I really only had one point of destination in mind for my walk tonight, but it turned out to be an almost entire walk around Seattle. I first got off work, waited for the bus--I had not realized that the buses were running on a holiday schedule; therefore I waited an additional 20 minutes for my bus to arrive--, then made a quick return at American Eagle on 6th and Pike, and thus began my three hour walk around Seattle. I took several pictures, and if you click on the ones below, you can see a larger version of each. Enjoy.

I walked down Pike until I got to the Market. I recall that their staircase led one down to the waterfront. Instead, I was the asshole who went downstairs, walked a ways, found the sign that said "Exit", and then promptly walked back up a different set of stairs, putting me back where I started. That is when I just went with the familiar; I know that Post Alley leads down to the waterfront, so I took that route. I walked along Alaskan Way all the way past the piers up past the Sculpture Park, and through Myrtle Edwards Park. It also looks as though Norway has declared war on Japan (according to the second photo I took). Norway clearly has Japan in a choke hold. I also paid sad tribute to the now defunct Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

In Myrtle Edwards Park, I saw some giant stones. That was cool, I guess. There was quite a bit of grass--a good place for several people to be napping. Then I came to the Rose Garden, where, sad to say, there weren't any roses. Perhaps it's too early for them? That was as far as I've gone previous to this occasion, so I decided to push onward. I discovered a fishing dock, along with a very appropriately named bait shop: The Happy Hooker. At this point I wasn't sure how much farther the path would take me, so I decided to find my way over to Elliot Avenue. I thought I might have a walk up to (lower) Queen Anne hill.

There was a pedestrian bridge that went over a bunch of trains. See the pictures. The bridge design was rather impressive. So I walked up to Queen Anne Avenue, and decided to stop in to Kidd Valley for some dinner. I stuffed my face with a double cheeseburger, fries, and diet coke. Oy. Then I walked down Queen Anne Avenue to find the most amazing minivan ever. See picture. This was followed by a building announcement of something we do not need. Yes, I believe we do not need another church. Then the Pacific Science Center's outer exterior told me that King County's carbon emissions since January 1st are estimated at 6,804,769 metric tons. Is that a lot? Any science nerds want to help me figure that one out?

Then I continued up Denny Avenue to 5th Avenue, and then proceeded south. I came across the Wexley School for Girls, where a friend of mine recently interned. Quick note: it's not a school for girls, or a school at all, for that matter. It's an advertising agency. They're strange, but fun. I eventually made my way down to Olive, and could have gone home, but I was compelled to keep the night going. So I walked up Olive to Broadway, then up Broadway to Roy, and back down to Vivace for an iced latte. After that I walked down Broadway, and through Cal Anderson Park. I finally made it home, feeling pretty good, about three and half hours after I got off the bus from work. What a walk!

[Update]: I've added a customized map of my impromptu walk. It was my first time using Google Maps' customized mapping feature, so it's not perfect, but close enough. The total walk was around eight miles.

View Seattle Walk in a larger map


  1. Can you post a map of this, I still don't know the city well enough to really picture you anywhere. Great pics!

  2. I made a special map just for you Erin!