Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Re: Same-Sex Marriage Coming To Washington State

During my walk today, I was thinking about something Washington state senator Ed Murray (D-43) said yesterday at the Prop 8 Decision Day rally in Westlake Park. That is, same-sex marriage will eventually come to be in Washington state, but we need to do our advocacy work outside of the Seattle area. We already have the majority vote in Seattle; but this is not only affecting the Seattle population and law. It affects the entirety of Washington state. What we need to do, as gay rights activists, as citizens, is to reach out to those who are as of yet undecided and uninformed about the positive aspects of legalizing same-sex marriages in our state.

If you have family or friends that live elsewhere in the state besides the greater Seattle region, please call them and tell them that you support the legalization of same-sex marriage. Tell them the reasons why they should too. We need all the support that we can get, and we need to garner that support before the anti-same-sex marriage advocacy groups can pollute their minds with extremely false and bigoted information on the matter. I'm sad to say that I unfortunately do not know anyone outside of the Seattle area. My family is a small one at that. But this is me calling on you, my hopefully loyal reader, to spread this information to as many people as you can, and soon.

Although there is no planned legislation for legalizing same-sex marriages any time soon, the sooner we get the support we need, the sooner it will become something more than a mere hopeful feeling. Let's get to work everyone!

Furthermore, if you are out and about, and someone asks you to sign a petition for a Referendum 71 to get on the ballot for this November's election, DO NOT SIGN IT. This referendum seeks to repeal the hardwork and dedication of Washington state lawmakers, as well as the further enhanced domestic partnership law that gives same-sex couples nearly every right and responsibility as those of heterosexual married couples. We CANNOT let this referendum of hate and bigotry get on the ballot. If there is any doubt, ask the person to explain to you what the referendum is for; read the actual text before you sign anything.

There is a Decline to Sign Referendum 71 Pledge form right here. I encourage you to sign it.

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