Saturday, February 28, 2009

Meaningless Nonsense (And An Apology)

I've been pestering a friend of mine to accompany me on a run around Greenlake for weeks now. Well, last night we finally did it. I ran cross-country in high school (in a highly non-competitive manner), and it's been years since I've actually had an extended run. I made it reasonably far into the run before I needed to walk. My sides ached terribly. We walked for a bit, then finished up the run; I was deeply committed to an all-out-sprint at the end. I never knew I could move that fast. Fast forward to today: I have a minor sprain in my left ankle. Ouch.

And as for the "apology", I owe it to my (few) readers. I've been burned out lately, and have had nothing of notable worth about which to blog. Hopefully I will get things back on track soon.

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