Sunday, February 1, 2009

Political Impartiality

This post was intended for publication on January 31st.

The departure of the Bush administration and the arrival of the Obama administration has thrown me into a flux of being supportive of both Republican and Democratic party ideals. Of course, I've always considered myself a fiscal conservative and a social liberal; and I've also never associated myself with any political party. Why? George Washington told me not to do so, and he was right. Gays should have equal rights; taxes should not be given out (or back, in this upcoming stimulus package) to those who don't pay them; that government is best which governs least.

It would make sense, to me at least, that if there is a giant deficit hanging over our heads, we should be putting efforts into reducing that deficit. I have credit card debt. The monthly bills drain me of all my income. What should I be doing? Paying off those debts, and not adding to them. The stimulus package passed by the House this week is said to be 2/3 spending and 1/3 tax cuts. Granted, I will enjoy having more money in my pocket, but we cannot continue to cut taxes. The intent of cutting taxes is so people get so flash flooded with money, which results in an increase in consumer spending. I just got $500 for free (inaccurately so), and I've always wanted a new flat screen television. Let's illustrate this process:
  1. My employer makes money.
  2. I work, so I get a share of that money.
  3. A share of that money gets taken by the government.
  4. I use my money as a consumer; the government uses my money for its [own use].

[Note: I became distracted whence writing this post, and therefore, it must remain incomplete. I still find value in what it has to say, and so I am posting it as I left it.]

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