Monday, February 9, 2009

New Dictionary Entry [Updated...Again]

Crackoon [kra-koon] n. - A raccoon that has consumed crack cocaine.

Addendum One:

Apparently the word Crackoon already exists. After googling the word, was the first entry. Here is that definition:

"a [crackhead] who digs through garbage and has dark bags under their eyes. much like a racoon."
My definition came in at #11.

Addendum Two:

Homocoon [hO-mO-koon] n. - A homosexual raccoon. This is an old term that some friends and I coined maybe a year or so ago. We now introduce it to the public. Use it as you will.


  1. Did you post this to frighten me? It has.

  2. No. I guess it was a secondary effect. I found him over by Greenlake. Someone found it imperative to put a paper bag on him.