Monday, February 9, 2009

And The American Dream Has Hit A New Low

I'm absolutely disgusted with the decisions that Nadya Suleman has made with regards to her children. This is the woman who already has six children, and wants to have eight more. Her wish was granted. She is now the proud, and single, parent of 14 children; all of them are under the age of 10. Here's my question: how does she intend to raise 14 children on her own? Furthermore, how does she intend to provide for all of them when she is an unemployed worker receiving disability payments, and is intending to go back to school?

From the MSNBC article:
They’re going to watch these kids very carefully for eating problems, growing [problems], and then seizures, jaundice, heart problems, lung problems, blindness, developmental delays — there’s a laundry list of things. Long term, because some of these children will be physically or mentally challenged, there’s a looming price tag out here. The hospital bill alone will run $1.5 to $3 million. Forget about getting to college; just to get through special-needs stuff — it’s going to have to come from somewhere, either the taxpayers of California or her family or her church or the hospital. But she can’t do it alone.
TV networks and publishing houses that jump on the opportunity to throw millions of dollars at this women are deplorable. In no way is this woman entitled to taxpayers' money, as well as other "free" means of subsistence. She needs to give these children over for adoption. There is no other way to ensure that these children won't grow up living a worse life than the one she had as an only child. Ms. Suleman, you are wrong in thinking that you're going to give these children great lives. You are going to raise these children in the worst possible way, and it's absolutely appalling that you would even think of exploiting these children for monetary gain or endorsement.

Like I said, the American dream has hit a new low. Only in America could one get the notion of free entitlement due to deliberate circumstance.

Here is the MSNBC article/interview.

Watch this video, and tell me if even though it's a joke, Nancy Pelosi (Krisin Wiig) is right.

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