Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finding Letters In Books

I sold some of my used books back today and I was informed that there was a letter stuffed inside one of my books. I took it back, as if it was mine, and read it. I now present that letter to you in its entirety. Enjoy.
Dear Scott,

It kills me that in recent days I have caused doubt in both our minds about the stability of our relationship. You definitely don't deserve this after some five years of standing devoted by my side. I have harmed you, and I'm sorry even though I know apologies are fruitless in easing your pain

I need you to know that I love you sincerely and that I believe we will grow old together. This disruption in our relationship will be seen down the road as a rough time, but it will be evidence of the strength of our love. "If we could make it through that," we'll say, "then we can make it through anything." I believe this, ultimately, despite how irreparable the damage seems right now. Like I said before - sometimes the relationship needs the to be torn apart, as in remodeling a building, in order to make it better. I truly feel that good will come out of this. Life is hard and love is so difficult, but you can't give up. If you are persistent (it's like practicing piano) you will find gratification and fulfillment.

We will stay together and get stronger with time. I will support you and you can trust me. You (us) are #1 to me. I'll love you always.

If anyone knows who or where Scott is, please alert him to these facts immediately. I fear that Scott and Julia are no more, and all because this absolutely eloquent letter never made it into his hands. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments about this letter? Do you think Scott should take Julia back? Should Julia accept her mistake and move on with her life? I'd like to know what people think on this. Please let me know via comments on this post.

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  1. It's funny that you assume Julia is at fault. As I was reading I definitely got the impression that Julia just needed some space and a break. Besides, Scott probably got the letter and just shoved it in the book. Scott doesn't deserve her.