Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pike Street Smoke Shop Is Back

There used to be a smoke shop on the corner of Harvard and Pike (next to the QFC) that recently disappeared; it happened, seemingly, overnight. I was somewhat disappointed. I could easily walk there to get hookah tobacco if I didn't feel like taking the mile long trek up to the smoke shop on Broadway and Mercer. Although, in doing that, I satisfied two things: 1). I got some much needed exercise, and 2). I received excellent customer service. The gentleman who works there is very nice indeed.

Anyways, as I was walking home from downtown I noticed that the missing smoke shop is returning to its new location on Pike and Boylston (a mere single block away from its previous location). That means that whenever I'm feeling lazy, and have to make a tobacco run, I can make the five minute venture over to Pike and Boylston. Good times indeed.

Also, I was called a "punk f*ggot" after refusing to let someone use my cell phone; I was also conversing on the phone when this happened.


  1. Really my friend, I thought your didn't approve of the smoking.

  2. celebrate divershitty