Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Gay Movement (Second Wave)

Given the outcome of California's Prop 8, which amends that state's constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman, the gay community has been backlashing against those that contributed the most (financially) to secure its passage: the Mormon Church.

Of course, this is all "yesterday's news", because it has been weeks since all these events transpired. However, my point is this: the passage of Prop 8 has "lit a fire" under the (always attractive) asses of gay men all across the United States, including my own.

No longer can we sit by and let others fight for us. Their time has passed, our time has come. We don't particularly enjoy having to fight for something that we thought was a null issue at this point. I think, perhaps, that's the overall sentiment shared by many Americans. We're very much a lazy people. But not all of us. For the very first time, in many of our lives (including my own), we are fully aware of the bigotry and hatred that has lessened with time, but still exists in a very real way.

Now that we're aware of this fight of ours, what are we prepared to do about it? That is ultimately, the point of all this (I would say writing, but it's mostly just gibber).

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  1. I enjoyed the "under the (always attractive) asses of gay men.." part.

    Oh and then you go onto say "Including mine.."

    Sounding a little conceited there Mr. Brock.