Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hachette's New Logo

Hachette Book Group has a new logo. Breaking news, I know. This is what it looks like on the box:

Just for some quick knowledge, Hachette is the parent company (if I'm using the term correctly) for Little, Brown, and Company, and Chronicle Books. There are more imprints under Hachette, but those two are the ones I like the most. [However, Chronicle claims to be an independent publisher, so they may not be owned by Hachette afterall. All I know is that the Chronicle products come in the Hachette Book Group boxes]. Chronicle Books puts out all the quirky gift books that you find at Urban Outfitters, or on gift tables at other urban (book)/stores. My favorite Chronicle product: "Porn for Women Postcard Book". They're postcards of really attractive men doing amazing things like cooking, cleaning, and being romantic. I love it.

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