Monday, December 22, 2008

Cooking 103

Well, to be fair, Eric and Kim did most of the labor. I tried to help where I could, when I could. I mixed the flour, sugar, and baking (powder). I put the dough in the refrigerator, while at the same time forgetting to wrap it in wax paper. Oops! I also rolled out the dough using a bottle of Bacardi, because we were without a rolling pin. Hey, you work with what you've got, right? And I was the designated 'photographer' (self-designated, of course).

The recipe for deliciousness.

I mixed all that together! Yep. I'm a big boy!

Eggs! Thank you Eric's hand.

Ahhh, milk.

Mix mix mix!

They are suppose to be Space Needle cookies. Some just turned out (wrong) though.

The leftover dough...they were "normal" cookies.

And the cookies are finished!!! Now where is the frosting? Oh...crap.

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