Sunday, September 20, 2009

Offered With Very Little Explanation

It's a game.  Have several people write down random "what if...?" questions.  Mix them up.  Read the questions.  Write responses.  Mix all the Q's and A's together.  Randomly pair them.  Read the Q and A's aloud.  Here are ours.  Enjoy.
"What if elephants were used for mass transit instead of buses?"
She would feel either very comfortable or very weird around knives.

"What if Jesus were here?"
Then he'd just go back to being a Nazi.

"What if Jon gave birth to a cat?"
Then we'd be in for one hell of a mayoral race.

"What if Atlantis was a real country?"
He would've first had to bone a Tomcat.

"What if Kristin was Jack the Ripper in her previous life?"
He would probably have some serious health issues or would look like a meth addict.  Not even once, Jon.

"What if Jon weighed 100 pounds?"
We would probably look at each other, then ask him if he wanted to smoke pot--or if he was a cop.

"What if we were at a KKK meeting right now?"
Atlantis would probably be an American "territory" by now, and we'd all go there for vacation and not need passports.

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