Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Found A Pair Of Hipster Pants...

Originally posted on August 31st. Now includes a poll.

...and I like them. They are by Toddland. The downside--isn't it always?--is that I do not have a spare $58, and hardly anything else to wear with them. A gay, male friend told me they looked good. My sister told me, in essence, hell no. A straight, female friend is undecided, but claimed "they don't look bad on you". She added further, "they are a bit too hipster." Eh. I can take it. My fashion sense slowly changes here and there as I continue to lose weight. It's amazing what one can do when nice clothes actually fit! Here are the front and side photos:

I would wear the white Chuck Taylor's with the pants, but not the green button-up shirt. Those just happened to be the items that I was wearing at the time.


  1. Always go with the gay male opinion. The others are wrong, these pants are perfect - not too slim and not too baggy! "Hipster pants" would be like if you were wearing skin tight girls pants, and these definitely do not look like that! I am a girl, who somehow ran across this post while google image searching things, and felt like these pants looked so good that I had to comment! Haha

  2. Well, thank you anonymous commenter from Santa Ana, California.