Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Feel Like An Adult Now: Or, How Magazines Are In Trouble

It seems weird to me that I read all the things I do and I still am not a subscriber to any particular publications.  Every now and then I will pick one up at work and read some articles, but never fully commit my time to it; afterall, I am supposed to be working.  So, as a treat to myself, I am now subscribing to three magazines: Out, The Atlantic, and Esquire.  I purchased the first and last magazines because of their current pricing: 10 issues of Out for $9.97 and 12 issues of Esquire for $8.00.  How could I resist?  As for The Atlantic, I've been wanting that for a while now, and I finally went ahead with subscribing to it.  Sorry Playboy, you'll have to wait...indefinitely (for obvious reasons).

Oh, and as to why I titled this post "...How Magazines Are In Trouble", I am taking my cue from Andrew Sullivan's post here.  He says:
So please, if you haven't already, subscribe. It's only $14.95 for a year - ten issues for the price of eight.


I love this magazine, and its editorial integrity, and want it to continue to flourish in an increasingly beleaguered industry. If you do too, please subscribe.
Also, Esquire was selling its subscriptions for 83% off the cover price.  Not a good sign of things to come.

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