Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Reason Why You Should Vote To Approve Referendum 71 (Sort Of)

From the voicemail my sister left me this morning:
"Um, hello, it's me, I'm home sick today, and I'm watching divorce court, and I just wanted you to know's true, we can't let gay marriage happen because these people really exemplify the sanctity of marriage.  The first couple is divorcing after 90 days...this one's divorcing after four months.  Haha!  [Whispered] It's awesome!  Okay, I'll talk to you later, love you, bye."
Just to serve as a reminder to all Washington voters, the Approval of Referendum 71 expands the rights and responsibilities of the State's domestic partnerships.  This is not same-sex marriage.  That is made explicit in the ballot summary language.  In Washington State, marriage is currently, and would still be (with the Approval of Referendum 71), only between a man and a woman.  Period.  Furthermore, domestic partnerships are not limited to only same-sex couples; domestic partnerships are defined as being between parties consisting of two people of the same sex, or of different sexes where one of the parties is at least 65 years of age.  The conservative right would like you to remove rights from heterosexual couples as well by voting to Reject Referendum 71.  That seems fair, right?

Again, VOTE TO APPROVE REFERENDUM 71.  This is going to be a close one, and we need as many people to voice their support for domestic partnerships by VOTING.  Simply being in support of the rights expansion will not suffice.  Please, vote.  You have until October 5th to register to vote or update your voter registration.  You can update your registration here.

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