Friday, August 14, 2009

Soundtrack Of A Melancholy Summer

For once, I was able to compile a song list without repeating a single band. In no particular order:
"Kreuzberg" - Bloc Party
"Over" - Jimmy Eat World
"Into the Fire" - Thirteen Senses
"Hijomalind" - Sigur Ros
"You Are Mine" - Mute Math
"All That Sh** Is Gone" - Carolina Liar
"A Shot to the Stars" - Whitley
"The Harrowing Adventures of..."- Tokyo Police Club
"Taking Apart a Gigantic Machine" - The Main Drag
"Quelqu'um m'a dit" - Carla Bruni
"Anne Arbour" - The Get Up Kids
"Bitter Things" - Christian Kleine
"Consequence" - The Notwist
"Cath..." - Death Cab for Cutie
Warning: these songs may not be good for your health.

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