Tuesday, August 25, 2009

North Seattle Cougar Watch

A coworker and I were sitting out in front of the store this afternoon, and a white Jaguar (vehicle) slowly pulled up near us and subsequently circled the parking lot at (the most) two miles per hour. She did this at least four times. Our break ended, and we had to return to work. However, I was able to see that she parked her car in one spot, only to put the car in reverse, pull out, and park again two parking spaces away. She then took about five minutes to get out of the car, and eventually staggered her way into Curves. My guess is that she should not be exercising in her condition, let alone operating a motor vehicle.

We suspect that she was hunting for some young hunks. After all, her license plate did read "PURRRRN". I read it as purr-in' (like a cat in heat). And her rear window had a sign that said "Hunk In Trunk". Like I said, watch out for this cougar; she's on the prowl.

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