Monday, August 17, 2009

The Normal Way To Meet Guys

The email I wrote to some friends this morning:
I've been house-sitting for Kim since Thursday, so I have not been home since. Although, last night I drove home and picked up all the laundry I've needed to wash so I could do it for free at Kim's. Usually when I come home in the late hours, there is a woman sitting outside smoking. She's always been nice and said hello to me, etc. Well, last week or so we had a fire alarm, and as we were all outside, I noticed that this really cute guy came out and was talking with her.

So, as I was about to leave last night, I stopped and turned to her and said, "this may be a strange question..." I explained how I saw the cute guy and I inquired as to whether or not he was gay. She said yes, but that he's in a now three-month long relationship. Then she said, "but between you and me, they're having some trouble." So we kind of chit-chatted for a few minutes. She was surprised that I was about to turn 25, because she thought of me (at face value) as being very well-adjusted and mature. That was a nice compliment to receive. The guy is 22. I believe she said his name was Chad. I guess I should have remembered that part. Oops. She asked if it was okay to tell him that I thought he was cute, or that I asked about him. I told her she could do that if she liked.

She said she'd introduce me sometime. I guess now I have to pull the fire alarm.
The response from one of my friends:
See! This is the normal way to meet guys.

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