Monday, August 31, 2009

Let's Put Your "Marriage" Up For A Vote

The general election for Washington State is on November 3rd. If Referendum 71, which seeks to block the expansion of state registered domestic partnerships, makes it onto the ballot, then voters need to vote to APPROVE the referendum. A vote to approve it is a vote to grant domestic partners* rights almost equal to those of married couples under Washington State law. If you're against same-sex marriage, fine; I strongly disagree with you. But this is not a legalization of same-sex marriage. So what does this domestic partnership do, exactly? From the Olympian:

The Senate Bill gives same-sex couples:

• The right to use sick leave to care for a domestic partner.

• The right to wages and benefits when a domestic partner is injured, and to unpaid wages upon the death of a domestic partner. The right to unemployment and disability insurance benefits.

• The right to workers’ compensation coverage.

• Insurance rights, including rights under group policies, policy rights after the death of a domestic partner, conversion rights and continuing coverage rights.

• Rights related to adoption, child custody and child support.

• Business succession rights.

Please vote on November 3rd, if for nothing else, to APPROVE Referendum 71. A vote to Reject or not voting at all tells me that you do not support equal rights protection.

*According to RCW 26.60.030, "To enter into a state registered domestic partnership the two persons involved must meet the following requirements: ... (6) Either (a) both persons are members of the same sex; or (b) at least one of the persons is sixty-two years of age or older."

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