Saturday, January 17, 2009

Found On My "Desk" This Morning

I found this next to my work station this morning. It's a mail-on order form for Dungeons & Dragons "Poker Dragons" from the Hamilton Collection.

The left block of text reads: "YES! Please accept my subscription for the Poker Dragons Hold 'Em or Fold 'Em Collection. I will receive each piece, beginning with "Holdin' Harry," for the issue price of $19.95 each. I need send no money now. I will be billed with shipment."

Then some joker (presumably a coworker of mine) filled out the form with all my information, and even made a little note for Mr. Hamilton.

"Dear Mr. Hamilton, I can't wait for my SWEET Poker dragons! xoxo, [signed] Jon."

I have one thing to say to this prankster: identity theft is not funny. It affects millions of people every year. I am ashamed of you for forging my signature and, thereby which, stealing my identity. How dare you!*

*I actually found it to be f**king hilarious.

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