Sunday, June 14, 2009

A New Generation Of Hope

If you haven't been paying attention, the Iranian presidential election was two days ago, and a shitstorm has subsequently ensued. I'm not going to waste time attempting to recall all that has happened in the past 48 hours--you can do that here--, but rather, express what it has meant to me. I have absolutely no connection whatsoever to Iran. So why should I care? Because I'm a human being who is having to stand by and watch as other human beings are being overrun with tyranny. I watched a video of people being beaten in the streets, and I couldn't even finish it; I broke down in tears.

It both enrages and encourages me to read the frequently-updated news feeds, view photos from on the ground, and watch videos of ordinary citizens protecting others from physical harm. It lets me know that (hopefully) my generation will be the one to fix this world. We'll be the ones to finally take charge and do something about our situations (should we be overly discontent with them). What is going on in Iran right now is something historical, and defining of our generation. This is our time. We own it. I stand in complete and utter solidarity with those brave citizens taking to the streets and proving to themselves and those in power that they're not going to live in a world ruled by fear and domination anymore.

This is big. As Andrew Sullivan is saying, "Know Hope".

[The green color represents the color of the opposition: the supporters of Mir Hossien Mousavi, and the ensuing "Green Revolution"].

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