Friday, June 26, 2009

Facebook Knows Too Much

It's true. Facebook knows too much. It's too big to fail at this point. It seeks to bridge any and all gaps between people. This doesn't just include coworkers and classmates (current or otherwise). No, Facebook wants me to be friends with guys that I've had even the lowest level of physical interaction. Facebook 'suggests' that I should be friends with a guy I once made out with over a year ago...'suggests' that I should be friends with a guy I slept with over two years ago. These were one-time deals, and how Facebook came to connect me with these guys is a mystery to me. I say that because there is virtually no digital (public) record of my interaction with these guys. So how did Facebook do it? This is what troubles me. What is next? Will Facebook 'suggest' I should be friends with guys that I merely thought were attractive?...that I saw on the street?...etc.? Are you listening Facebook? Do you hear me? Answer me! How did you do it?

Number of times 'Facebook' was mentioned in this post (including the reference-use): eight.

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