Thursday, June 25, 2009

At Least He Was Honest - From The Gmail Archives

About two years ago I was out with some friends for a bachelor party. At said party, a guy we knew from high school (Nick) showed up. At one point, he looks to me and informs me that he heard I 'came out' and 'congratulations'. I'm not sure how he came to figure out my 'type', but eventually he told me that one of his coworkers (Ryan) was gay and that he could introduce me. According to Ryan--as he told me later, anyways--this is what Nick sent him via text message:
"dude ryan there's this guy i want you to meet..."
"he's kind of thick though..."
And this, for the most part, is how the gay community functions. Also, for the record, Ryan thought I was very attractive, but we ultimately did not work out.* C'est la vie.

*But I can't say that nothing happened.

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