Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Night's Free Sheep Event At The Moore Theater

Every now and then I'll venture outside of my cave, swallowing whatever self-induced agoraphobia I might be having on that particular day, and attend certain publicized events. Last night, for one night only, the Moore Theater let 30+ artists (in all senses of the word) run amok and give everyone in attendance a free mind-fucking experience.

The Stranger has had the details here. The event's their details would serve only an informative purpose.

Sadly, for me, art is a very personal experience to be enjoyed at whatever pace I so choose. There were hundreds of people aching to get inside this mere four-hour show. Hence, and as is the case with most art I experience, I did not get to enjoy and discern all that was offered in a fashion suitable to my liking. The show started in the back alley. As you waited in line, you could get a poster and write whatever the hell you wanted in a black square (with white pens). This part was your showpiece. Once you were in, the choices of where to go were limitless. You could go down into the basement, up to the balconies, to the main entrance, anywhere...except for the roof, I think. And (via my broken iPhone).

For whatever reason, I had to see the bathrooms filled with watermelons. It was a bitch to find though. There are only so many ways to get down to the basement. The women in togas are representative of the muses, and were running about and screaming in joviality. I later found out that one muse in particular wanders off, and the others are intent to find her in the likes of Ms. Pac Man. From the Seattle Times:
Performance group Seattle School is planning to reunite Urania, the Greek muse of astronomy and the only muse not to be depicted in marble in the Moore's lobby, with the rest of her sister muses. The unpredictable Urania will be portrayed by Marya Sea Kaminski.
Perhaps if I came out of my cave more often, I might be more appreciative of these walking art exhibits. Finally, as a side note, the theater, in retrospect, had a very eerie feel to it. This was especially true in the basement. It was cold and felt haunted almost. I definitely would not want to be in the theater by myself at any point.

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