Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Is Only Like Nine Years Overdue

From 8th grade until I graduated from college I slept on the bed that previously belonged to my sister. I only recently got a new one. During that time, I never got new sheets for it. Yes, that is absolutely disgusting. Despite my ever increasing frustration with the Seattle area bus service*, I finally made a trip over to the Northgate Target yesterday after work. I bought a set of pillowcases, a full bed sheet, and a fitted sheet, all in jersey cotton. It's so soft! I also purchased a dust ruffle and a mattress pad. In total, it came out to $61 and change. When I finally got home for the night, I quickly washed and dried them, stripped off my disgusting old sheets, and put on the new ones. I've never been more comfortable in my whole life. Here are the before and after:

Now I just need to save up some money for some new pillows, a set of brown pillowcases, and comforter with an obvious brown/green color scheme.

*I arrived at my bus stop around 5:15pm. The bus did not come until 6pm. Then I had to transfer to another bus to get to Northgate, which meant more waiting. After shopping, I had to walk about a mile to a bus stop, only to get on the right bus, but in the wrong direction, which took me back to where I was in the first place. Then I had to walk over to the next bay to get back on the bus, again. I finally got over to Queen Anne (from Northgate). Then I waited for another 45 minutes for the bus to come, and subsequently drive us straight through the heart of The Bite of Seattle bus mobbings. In short, I left work at 5:10pm (in Lake Forest Park) and arrived home (in First/Capitol Hill) around 8:35pm. So, let's recap here: getting from my work to my home, with only two stops along the way, took just over three-and-a-half hours. In a car, the whole trip would have taken no more than an hour. So much of a commuter's life is wasted in transit.

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