Saturday, July 18, 2009

Around The World...Around The World...Around The World

So, last night was amazing. Among other things, I attended the Daft Punk Laser Show at the Pacific Science Center in Queen Anne. This is now the only "proper" method of listening to DP, at least for me. If you have not already been--it's been there for several months now, I believe--you need to grab $8.50 and get your ass down there on any Friday or Saturday night at 10:30pm.

As a precaution, keep a relatively empty stomach before you go. At least don't consume anything that might give you gas. The volume and bass coming from the giant speakers--I believe I was about 20 feet away from them--is enough to give your colon a workout. Oy.

The songs tend to go on for quite a while, but would you expect anything less? We started out with "Around the World", featuring a booming 3D globe. Other songs included: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", "One More Time", "Digital Love"--my favorite, and will now remind me of someone in particular whenever I hear it--, and "Aerodynamic". The show concluded with an overwhelming version of "Technologic". You think it's over, and then...BOOM! Go see this show!

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