Sunday, April 25, 2010

What a Delightful Saturday

It's been too long since I've been able to share weekends with my friends. Now that I have a grown-up job, things are looking up. Yesterday, I sat around the apartment for a few hours in the morning before I did some laundry. After that, I went over to Ballard to pick up one of my former co-workers so we could grab lunch. I was really in the mood for a Red Mill burger, but the line was too long for our liking. We decided on Mae's Cafe on Phinney, but they were closing in ten minutes. You can always count on the 24-hour service of Beth's Cafe, which is where we went.

We both ordered a six-egg omelet and a cup of coffee. Surprisingly, the music selection was quite good. Imagine what you listened to in the mid to late 90's. Also, I'm pretty sure I witnessed a short and slim Asian teen eat a twelve egg omelet all by himself, including the hash browns. Even I couldn't do that when I tried years ago!

After eating we drove up to Third Place Books to get my last pay stub, and she picked up some books. My former co-workers bombarded me with questions regarding my new job: "How's the new job?" "What do you do, exactly?" "Do you miss us yet?" Good. Simple, yet complex stuff. A little.

Then we went to Golden Gardens in Ballard. If I've ever been there before now, it was when I was a small boy. The weather was perfect, aside from the heavy winds. We couldn't help but melt at the sight of the little ducklings and their sleeping mama. I also found a stick that looked like a laser-gun from Star Wars. So, I decided to run around and pretend I was a Storm Trooper. Nerdy, I know. Coincidentally, there was a woman there with a Tie Fighter kite.

After we left Golden Gardens, I took her back home, and then drove back to Capitol Hill to pick up my phone charger, which was another thing I had forgot to bring with me. My phone died upon arrival. I killed some time on the internet, then drove over to pick up a replacement cable modem, and then up to Northgate to hang out with my friend, Kristin. We hung out her house's loft, where we discussed music and two art pieces that her fiancee purchased for her recently. We decided to go to the 10:30 Daft Punk Laser Show at the Pacific Science Center. Again, it was amazing. I drove her back home, and then back to Fremont for the night.

Saturdays and friends, I love you.

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