Friday, February 12, 2010

Film Review: "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men"

While I have not yet read the book by David Foster Wallace--I intercepted my sister's copy from her before she sold it back--I did rent the movie based on said book. John Krasinski, of The Office fame, in addition to making his directorial debut, wrote the screenplay.

After a bad break-up, a female graduate student decides to interview random men in an attempt to find the true intentions of their being. They are "hideous" in the abstract, not the physical. One man--who was maybe the movie's only saving grace--had the problem of shouting "VICTORY FOR THE FORCES OF DEMOCRATIC FREEDOM!" whenever he would climax. "I don't even vote." Aside from that, and a few other moments of laughter, the movie was more of a fragmented and poorly executed drama than a human satire.

I had much higher hopes for this film; sadly, it let me down more than it lifted me up.

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