Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Starstruck: Meeting Robin Williams

When I worked at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, Washington, I was lucky enough to be the only available cashier when Robin Williams--yes, the Robin Williams--walked up to buy some magazines. He was filming a scene for "The World's Greatest Dad," and he was on a short break. The scene that they filmed in our store is shown within the first five minutes or so of the film. It wasn't anything too exciting, except for, you know, fucking Robin Williams being in our bookstore!

Here's how my conversation with Robin Williams should have played out:
"Hi, there!"
"Just these for you today?"
"Yes, please."
"You know, I must say that your performance in
 Dead Poets Society was absolutely amazing."
"Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that."
"You are very welcome. And thank you!"
"Have a good day now."
"You too, Mr. Williams!"
(Note: Money would have been given, and change returned, but I didn't feel it important to necessarily include that in the dialogue. Get over it.)

Now, here's how my conversation actually played out:
"Oh, well, thank you."
"... "
"Have a good one."
"You too."
My coworkers all had the same response when I told them what happened: "PATCH ADAMS?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?! WHAT ABOUT (insert any number of good Robin Williams movies, or any number of awful Robin Williams movies)?!


  1. I saw Michael C Hall at the Starbucks I worked at. I made his americano. I could have said "I really admire your portrayal of a gay man on Six Feet Under" or "Dexter is great!" but instead the only thing I could think of was "I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!"

    :( Starstruck is right.

  2. You were not the only available cashier... I was standing right next to you hoping he would come to me, but instead of that happening I got to hear you give the funniest statement I have ever heard. I also remember shouting at you awkwardly... "Patch Adams! That's the best you could come up with." It was a good movie though, as opposed to "The World's Greatest Dad" which was awful.