Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Years Resolutions: The Twelve Month Model (Cont.)

2011 has been a great year thus far! Just to recap, I've been committing to New Years Resolution by the month. January was perfect oral hygiene month, which I executed with absolute perfection! February was no coffee or Grindr month. Again, I made it through the month without so much as having a single taste of coffee. Although, I did have some tea, which is neither here nor there. And finally, I must admit that I broke my resolution with regards to my ban on Grindr within the last four hours of the month. Still, I think it was an overall success.

March is my fiscal responsibility month, and it's been going pretty well. Granted, I did just shell out $9 for Eggs Benedict at Linda's, but it was a nice day, and I was hungry. Sue me. Basically, I'm just keeping track of everything on which I spend money, and limiting myself to mostly grocery store purchased items. I do allow myself some luxuries here and there, but not nearly as many as I was previously letting myself enjoy. I've since paid down more of my debt and made my paychecks last longer than a few days. This will surely need to continue for the rest of the year; March isn't the only "fiscally responsible" month of 2011. A little perseverance appears to go a long way.

As for April, I've decided that I need to work on being more engaging and outgoing. The time for excusing myself from socializing and meeting new people is over. You want to hang out? I'm there. You're having a party? I'm there. You want to go to The Cuff? I'm there. April will be your opportunity to push my ridiculously held limits and boundaries. You should take advantage of it...for both us!