Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Were You Aware That...

Okay, I have been off the radar for quite some time now.  That's called life, get over it.  But now I've discovered some new topics about which to blog.

Patty Murray is the senior U.S. Senator from Washington, and she is up for re-election next November.  I thought it rather appropriate to dig into her legislative record and find what exactly she has done for us as a representative of our state.  Thus, I'll be posting information regarding bills (and resolutions) that she has sponsored or co-sponsored, in the hopes that we can all be a little more educated for the upcoming midterm elections.  This will (hopefully) be a running series of "Were You Aware That..." posts.  I may or may not confine the information to just Patty Murray, but to other members of Congress as well.

To begin with, let's look at some of Senator Murray's Sponsored Resolutions: 
S.Res.288 - A resolution designating September 26, 2009, as "National Mesothelioma Awareness Day".

S.Res.181 - A resolution designating June 10, 2009, as "National Pipeline Safety Day".

S.Res.168 - A resolution commending the University of Washington women's softball team for winning the 2009 NCAA Women's College World Series.

S.Res.150 - A resolution commemorating and celebrating the lives of Officer Kristine Marie Fairbanks, Deputy Anne Marie Jackson, and Sergeant Nelson Kai Ng who gave their lives in the service of the people of Washington State in 2008.

S.Res.16 - A resolution designating the week of February 2 through February 6, 2009, as "National School Counseling Week".
More information to come soon (I hope).

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